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Life wasn't meant to be lived in isolation.

Get connected, discover community, build friendships, all in a Bethany Group.

Bethany Groups

Bethany Groups are smaller groups of people that meet together to study God’s Word, share in life’s struggles and celebrate life’s joys. If you aren’t a part of a Bethany Group, we encourage you to check out the groups we offer. We believe there is a group for you and when you get connected, your life will never be the same.

You are not alone.

Believers shouldn’t live in isolation. They need friendships. They need community. They need fellow believers to encourage them, pray for them and help them stay on the right track when life gets tough.

Why Should I Join a Bethany Group?


We need each other. That’s how God created us. You’ll never be alone when you’re a part of a Bethany Group.

Bible Study

God’s Word is the bread of life. We need it to face the troubles of life. Your group will dive deep into scripture to discover how it applies to us and helps us live better lives.


Life can be hard. Having a group of friends around you when the tough times come help to lessen the load. Your group will encourage you, pray for you and be there when you need it most.