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Date Posted Series Title Excerpt Watch Listen Download
Jan 28, 2018 image The Power Of Words (Part 4) Pastor Randy shares 3 lies we believe about words and 5 phrases that will bring life to your family. Watch Listen Download
Jan 21, 2018 image The Power Of Words (Week 3) How can we tame our tongue? Is it even possible? Watch Listen Download
Jan 14, 2018 image The Power Of Words (Week 2) Pastor Randy continues to look at how what we say impacts everything. Watch Listen Download
Jan 7, 2018 image The Power Of Words (Week 1) What we say and how we say it makes all the difference. What kind of words are you using? Watch Listen Download
Dec 24, 2017 image Faithful (Week 5) If you want to be saved, you must have courage. Watch Listen Download
Dec 17, 2017 image Faithful (Week 4) Mary tells Joseph, “We need to talk.” How does Joseph respond? How would you? Watch Listen Download
Dec 10, 2017 image Faithful (Week 3) Is the Virgin birth really necessary for us to receive Salvation? Watch Listen Download
Dec 3, 2017 image Faithful (Week 2) Joseph was a righteous person. The Birth of Jesus proves it. Watch Listen Download
Nov 26, 2017 image Faithful (Week 1) Pastor Randy begins a new series taking a look at Christmas from the perspective of Joseph. Watch Listen Download
Nov 19, 2017 image Grateful (Part 2) What does it take to live a truly grateful life? Watch Listen Download